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We are experts in .NET performance optimisation.

Are you struggling with the performance of your .NET application? Have you tried and failed to make it more performant, or perhaps not know where to start?

We have years of expertise in enhancing application performance and know what works and what doesn't. We can help you optimise your web applications, windows applications or backend processes written in C# or other .NET languages.

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Why not just use a profiler?

Profilers are great. JetBrains make a great one that we can happily recommend. But profiling only tells you what is slow, not how to make it fast which is where our years of expertise comes in.

We use profilers regularly to pinpoint the bottlenecks in an application to help us focus our efforts. But profilers are definitely not the only tool we use, we'll also get a good understanding of your application's architecture to help us determine if we can make any changes to optimise for performance.

Imagine you have an ant and want it to be able to run faster, no matter how many little tweaks and optimisations you make to it, it is never going to run as fast as a cheetah.

I want my application to be a cheetah

How we've helped others

A large telecoms company wanted to improve the throughput of their billing system and they asked us to help...

Producing telephone bills sounds easy doesn't it? Not when you have over a hundred million calls and a hundred thousand customers. Each telephone call needs to be priced based on where the customer is calling to, how many included minutes the customer has already used that month, whether they are roaming in another country and taking into account lots of complex discounting rules.

Before we started work, our client thought they had built a well optimised system. They were using multiple threads, using lots of caching and other optimisation techniques. But within less than a month we had increased throughput from 5 million calls (about 1,400 calls per second) to just over 80 million calls per hour (over 22,000 calls per second) - all this on a system that was built to be fast originally.

On systems that have never had any optimisation work done on them in that past, we have managed to make processes that previously took several hours to run and made them run in less than 10 seconds.

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